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Gajjar Machine Tools(GMT)

Welcome to Gajjar Machine Tools! We offer high superior quality machinery that is used for die work, teeth cutting, key wear, facing & automobile parts.
We offer excellence in for the machining industry. Our products allow customers to machine die work, cut teeth, key wear, facing and the automobile industry. Our business motto is our hard work and resilience will show you our quality.

We offer a two types machines, Model GUA-1 and GH-0. Both of our products are superior in quality to many of our competitors. Hard work and our superior customer service is who we are. Both of our products offered by us are leading the market, and are highly appreciated by large number of users all around Gujarat, India. A testimony of our excellent quality products has been-sustained relationship with the customers. A perfect fusion of superior quality and the most competitive prices, the products available with us are capable of impressing absolutely anybody. We aim to maintain the highest quality of customer service, whether our customers have been with us for years or if they are new they will feel as if they are at home with us