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Who We Are?

Hard work and our superior customer service is who we are. Both of our products offered by us are leading the market, and are highly appreciated by large number of users all around Gujarat, India. A testimony of our excellent quality products has been-sustained relationship with the customers.

We were founded by Keshavlal Gajjar in the year 1971. Mr. Gajjar started the Gajjar Machine Tools with the hopes of manufacturing high quality machines for the machining industry. Our founder developed this company with the vision that hard work and superior customer service will show you our strength. The company was named from the Surname of the family. We have expanded our business, while still remaining in touch with the local market. Gajjar Engineering started as a family business with only 2 employees working hard and showing their dedication to their work and to their customers. The company has now grown over 5 times their size.